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      If the nail polish remover does not have acetone, this should cut

      down on the removal of the finish.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, John and Roxanne McLain



      > Hello,


      > You could try the magic eraser for starters. If that doesn’t work,

      you could try fingernail polish remover. I would rinse the floor

      immediately after using it, as it may take up a bit of the finish.

      But that would be better than the ink marks. We’ve used fingernail

      polish remover to get the sharpie off of skin. Hope this helps.


      > Good luck,

      > Roxanne



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      > Hello.I’m not really new to the group, however I’ve never posted. I

      sit back and read alot. everyone has such wonderful ideas that are so

      very helpful – and i’m truly appreciative.regarding ink stains: my

      son got a black and red sharpie and wrote on hard wood floors! i

      thought that the hair spray would work on this ink, as well, but it

      does not.anyone have any idea what i can use to get this out??any

      suggestions would be very much appreciated!thank you!tonya(josh’s




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