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      My name is Michelle and I have 3 boys they range in age from 19 to 10. I am currently on disability due to a sprained ankle and not sure when I’ll return to work. I’m a pet groomer so I work really long hours. I use to run a page on ivillage for OAMC and loved doing it. In the years since my 12 yr old and I have found out were both gluten intolerant. So meals have gotten interesting and my grocery budget has gotten way out of hand. Spending $200 a week has become the normal. Hopefully I can gain some information and relearn while I’m off work how to budget. Working 60+ hours a week has made for alot of meals out and quick fix but costly.

      Thanks for listening to me babble.


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      Hello and welcome Michelle!! Hope your ankle heals quickly and you get back on tract where you want to be.

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