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      Hello, this is my first forum
      I have ever joined so please have patience with me.
      I love to read, I am always looking for new recipes
      For desserts that can be substituted with
      Splenda, since I am type 2 diabetes. I love to cook
      But mostly in crockpot or oven, like to
      Stay away from grief foods although I
      Do tend to have a weakness to some like
      Fried squash, and chicken haha!

      My husband and I do a lot of coupons and
      Save about 20- 40$ when we go shopping.

      Okay, I guess that’s it for now, font want to
      Bore anyone lol! Have a blessed day to all
      Looking forward to knowing you

      Oops one more thing we LOVE doggies and
      Have five chi’s lol

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      Hi there Salemgrace, Welcome to the site! There are a ton of different features and sections here. I can’t wait to read your tips and ideas too! :w2:

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