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      My name is Karen. I am the mother of 3 children, one of whom is 17 and still cleaning out my wallet, one who just graduated from college and is expecting my 5th grand baby and my oldest who is the mother of my 4 precious grand-babies. I am a school bus driver of 18 years.

      After our schools, here in North Branch, MI, privatized their busing to an outside, contracted company, I found myself needing to cut corners and utilize any way possible to save money as I lost hours and benefits in the transition. The answer was to start doing some serious couponing. Well, recently my stores of choice stopped doubling coupons and have not lowered prices enough to make up the difference.

      So here I am, looking for ways to keep from going broke or increasing debt. I came across this blog when I looked to Pinterest to find a way to make fabric softener when I ran out and didn’t want to waste gas driving to the store. I’m o happy I found Budget 101!

      I’m looking forward to learning more and discovering all that this blog has to offer.

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      Hello KarenLynnKohler, welcome aboard. I think you’ll really enjoy the site, there’s a ton of things to see here. :w3:

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      Thanks, I love the picture of your Mainecoon. I am also a cat lover. I have 6 cats that I have kept out of the 27 that I’ve rescued.

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