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      Hi! I’m from Maine and am trying to become really good at saving money with coupons!! I’m doing okay, but I just started!:bounce:

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      Hi, T54Bruschi!

      I know you had to be from New England with a username like that! I am also from Maine and am becoming very good at saving with my coupons! Last week I saved 104.00 at Shaw’s using their flyer and my rewards card and coupons!

      Plus I was able to purchase gas at 1.64 for using the rewards card! Not bad!

      Tell me more about you! Would love to chat!

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      Welcome to the site, lots of money saving ideas here. There are a lot of us trying to learn to use coupons wisely and reduce our expenses. You will find that we share great deal when we find them as well.

      You will enjoy your time here.

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      Welcome to the site. You will have to do up your coupon wishlist soon 🙂 you put down what brand you use then we send you coupons! A great way to really save.

      Hope you enjoy your time here.

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      Hi! Hope you find a lot of good ideas and recipes!

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      Welcome, You have come to a good site, filled with lots of good information and savings.
      Looking forward to your future postings here.

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      Hey Welcome to the site you will find lots of info here on how to coupon.

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      Hello from Canada….Welcome aboard!

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      Welcome to the forum!

      ~ Misty

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