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      I purchased a used chair from Sal. Army Store and they had used a black

      sharpie to mark the price on one leg (plastic wood, I believe). I used

      Avon “Skin So Soft” on a soft cloth and the mark came right off. This

      might work for you if your hardwood floors were sealed. This also works

      on the gummy stuff left on bottles, jar, containers that you peeled a

      label off of, to remove the gummy stuff ( recycled jelly jars, plastic

      spice shakers, etc ). And of course skin softening!

      be sure to wash the area afterward with warm soapy water! avon skin so

      soft will make things slippery! on a floor, one might slip and fall.

      small things can go in dishwasher.

      hope this helps.

      kids will be kids! gotta love em!

      diane in il

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