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      When our daughter used Sharpie on our cabinets, I went to the Sharpie

      website. Rubbing alcohol was recommended, and did take it all right


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Tonya” wrote:


      > Hello.


      > I’m not really new to the group, however I’ve never posted. I sit

      > back and read ALOT. Everyone has such wonderful ideas that are so

      > very helpful – and I’m truly appreciative.


      > Regarding Ink stains: My son got a black and red Sharpie and wrote


      > hard wood floors! I thought that the hair spray would work on this

      > ink, as well, but it does not.


      > Anyone have any idea what I can use to get this out??


      > Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!


      > Thank you!

      > Tonya

      > (Josh’s Mom)

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