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      The only thing that I could get permanent marker off my walls and doors was the Magic Eraser. I took alittle of the paint finish off but it was the only thing I could get to work. I tried nail polish remover, paint thinner, soap, mineral stuff, everything really and the Magic Eraser took it right off.

      Tea wrote: Tonya wrote:

      My son got a black and red Sharpie and
      wrote on
      hard wood floors!

      Anyone have any idea what I can use to get this out??

      Hi Tonya,
      I can relate, my puppy tried to eat a blue Sharpie on my white carpet, leaving patches of permanent marker stain all over… I don’t know what it would do to the hardwood finish, but I used straight rubbing alcohol. It came up without leaving any evidence.

      Rubbing alcohol is very flammable (until it is completely dry) so be careful if you choose to try it. Best of luck.


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