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      It can be. The offers are an annoying part, but will help out here and

      there. Credit Card offers (offers that require a credit card or pre-

      paid credit card) seem to earn the most money. I did 4 of those all

      together, and got approved for 2 (1 was a 100% free trial, the other

      was a pay-to-ship deal).

      You can also earn cash back if you buy stuff online. In the cash

      shopping area, if you plan to buy stuff online, search for the store

      first. I’ve never done this, but I heard on the TT forum that you

      sometimes wait up to a month before that amount is credited back. Those

      amounts vary- for instance at Walmart.com, you earn 1% back (not much),

      at Best Buy, I think it’s 2%, then there are online magazine shops

      where you earn back as much as 18%.

      There are daily surveys you can do as well (I think it’s called Cash

      Survey on the menu) for $.75 each. You can only do 1 survey a day, and

      it’s system is set up so that if you don’t qualify for one, it re-

      routes you to another one. Most the time, it will find one you can

      complete. Every once in a while, you get one you can’t complete, in

      which case, they thank you for your time.

      You will get a newsletter twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th. In

      there are more offers like the $.50 ones you find under Cash Offers.

      You can do up to 3 of them for $1 each, so if you complete all 6 per

      month, you get $6. Those ones I’ve never had a problem getting

      approved. I think you can do them any time between the date it’s

      delivered, and when the next one is delivered.

      Referrals help, and even if you can’t find any online, you can buy

      friendship bracelets for 8 pearls (you earn free pearls with the games

      you do at the end of each offer), which will get you 2 referrals each.

      It’s the only thing you can spend pearls on that I can think of, too,

      so invest in a few of those. Basically, anyone who goes to the site

      unreferred will be assigned a referral. You get a 20% bonus based on

      what a referral makes, so if they make $100, you earn $20. Also, if

      they refer someone, you get 5% of what they earn, so if they earn $100,

      you get $5.

      There are occasional contests, and treasure hunts you can participate

      in. The current Treasure Hunt is ongoing- any one who finishes it gets

      $100. I haven’t really looked much at it, so I don’t know what all is

      involved, but I would imagine it requires some amount of work like

      completing specific offers to earn the next piece of the “Treasure


      Honestly, aside from a few of the credit card offers (I recommend

      getting a prepaid mastercard or visa at Walgreens or Rite Aid for

      this), I’ve mostly done just the newsletter offers, some survey’s, and

      a few of the rare, freebie, higher paying offers.

      I think there’s a signup one for eBay. You sign up (even if you already

      have an account, sign up a new one), and once you make a bid (it

      doesn’t have to be a winning bid- find some expensive item with no

      bids, and put $.99 on it, so it’ll get out bid), you get approved for

      the offer. It pays $5, or used to. If it’s changed at all, then it’s

      gone up, rarely do they drop in price.

      You can also sign up for poetry.com and picture.com by entering a poem

      or picture (nothing spectacular, just write out a few words to

      poetry.com, and send a picture of something you took to picture.com),

      nad I believe the payout is $1.50 each on those. Both of those and eBay

      are 100% free, no credit card needed.

      Get lots of different email addresses, all free ones, because they know

      who completes the offers by the link you follow, not the email address

      you use. The cheaper offers are spam machines- within a day of using an

      email address, you’ll have 100 spam emails with that address sending

      crap to you.

      I’m trying to think of any other details, but my head is all foggy

      right now. My seasonal allergies kicked into high gear with no warning

      yesterday, and I took the wrong medication. Most OTC meds leave me with

      this groggy, half drugged feeling the entire next day, and I have that

      right now, big time. Ugh.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “trishgaitan”



      > What do you have to do to make money with treasure trooper. I joined

      but it seems like all you do is fill out offers. Please tell us your

      secrets. It seems complicated to me.


      > Tricia


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