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      Hi Budget Friends,
      I don’t post often, but live in FL and try to cut electricity in the summer.
      Here are some things we do:
      We have solar film on our windows. We also have roll-down shutters, which we
      keep down on the east side during the day. We have no west windows in our condo
      (planned it that way!).
      We have flourescent light bulbs in our most-used lights which saves operating
      $’s plus they don’t give off heat.
      Our electric utility gives us a credit in the summer to put our A/C and water
      heater “on call” in case they need extra power. In 7 years, they’ve only done
      it once!
      I cook only in the microwave or crockpot. Haven’t used the oven since April.
      We have tile floors, which seem to keep it cooler.
      We put a timer on the water heater and heat it once a day for dishes and
      We use paddle fans and a programmable thermostat on the A/C and keep it 78* days
      and 75* nights.
      When we can’t stand it any longer, we run to the condo pool and cool off!!!
      If anyone has any other suggestions, please send them! Hope this helps someone.
      Margaret in FL

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