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      You might want to check into a high deductible health plan or a

      catastrophe-only type policy to get lower monthly premiums (if you

      don’t mind paying for normal illness appointments out of your

      pocket). With all of the health companies I have had throughout the

      years, I like Blue Cross Blue Shield the best. They picked up my

      daughter’s delivery, open-heart surgery, therapy, oxygen, etc with

      no questions asked. Although YMMV, we never once had a problem with

      rejected or incorrectly paid claims. When you or someone in your

      family has a health problem, it is worth so much to be able to go to

      the best doctor/surgeon/hospital without having to worry about cost.


      — In, “angies_groups”





      > Hi, all,




      > Does anyone out there have experience with health insurance

      companies and

      > plans? We’re new to the US so this whole concept is new to us. Our

      only goal

      > is to not go bankrupt if we have to go to the hospital. I’m seeing


      > from $3-500 per month for our family of four. Is that in the

      ballpark? Are

      > some companies better than others? I would also prefer to not go


      > paying premiums 🙂




      > Thanks.angie

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