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      When you are working, most jobs offer some sort of health plan for a

      LOT less per month.

      At Nick’s last job, we paid out around $80 a month for our

      insurance, which was awesome. We had a $10 office co-pay and a

      variable co-pay for medications, and that was it. 100% of procedures

      were covered, as were emergency visits, and most hospital stays.

      When Nick quit that job to start his new one, we were offered a

      Cobra- basically, that means you are given the oppertunity to pay

      100% of the fees associated with keeping your existing health care

      plan for a pre-determined amount of time. Since Nick was starting

      his new job immediatly, we didn’t need it.

      When I got the letters in the mail depicting the cost, I about died.

      It was over $900 a month just for the health care itself, not

      including dental, eye, or perscription coverage that we also had.

      All in all, had we wanted to keep that insurance, we would have paid

      out around $1500 a month for it.

      The better the plan, the more it’ll cost you. Try to avoid going

      with unknown places, as they might be scams, or could wind up

      costing you more in fees, co-pays, etc, than paying a higher amount

      each month.

      Look into what type of health care you can get by working. Even if

      you have to pay $150 a month, it’s cheaper than paying out the

      higher amounts on your own.

      We really lucked out at our last job, but even more so with Nick’s

      new job, as they cover 100% of the fees, so we don’t have money

      taken from his checks every week, and the co-pays are very similiar

      except that we also have to pay a $25 ready-care/urgent-care co-pay,

      and a $50 emergency room co-pay.

      — In,


      > Hi, all,


      > Does anyone out there have experience with health insurance

      companies and plans? We’re new to the US so this whole concept is

      new to us. Our only goal is to not go bankrupt if we have to go to

      the hospital. I’m seeing premiums from $3-500 per month for our

      family of four. Is that in the ballpark? Are some companies better

      than others? I would also prefer to not go bankrupt paying premiums J


      > Thanks…angie








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