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      Hello………Ihaven’t had any experience looking for insurance since I have it from my work. But I’d start calling different insurance companies& comparing the cost. Some companies offer insurance for people that are self employed. Check with your auto insurance carrier, most carry medical insurance.

      I pay $95 month for medical, dental, vision & prescription insurance for myself & my husband. No deductable, $20 doctor visit co pay& they pay 90%. That’s why I stay at my job.

      angies_groups wrote:

      hi, all,

      does anyone out there have experience with health insurance companies and plans? we’re new to the US so this whole concept is new to us. Our only goal is to not go bankrupt if we have to go to the hospital.

      I’m seeing premiums from $3-500 per month for our family of four. Is that in the ballpark? Are some companies better than others?

      I would also prefer to not go bankrupt paying premiums j


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