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      If you have kids, look into the state programs that provide low cost

      (usually $5/month for ALL kids under 18, regardless of how many)

      insurance to children. It’s just like medicaid, so it covers

      everything, but with the $5 monthly fee. The income guidelines are MUCH

      higher than with medicaid, though.

      If you can get the kids covered on that, maybe the monthlies on

      insurance for you & your spouse will be lower.

      — In, “Linda” wrote:


      > Hi all!

      > I am a lurker, but read everything and put alot of your ideas to use.

      > I will be needing to get my own health insurance in the next couple


      > months.


      > Does anyone have any advice on this. I cannot afford the $600-$700 a

      > month that my current ins. is.


      > Linda

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