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      Head STRONG (upcycled headboard)

      This multi-functional headboard boasts all the nighttime amenities required for sweet dreams. Reclaimed doors and shelves contribute to the perfect custom bed accessory. Suggested retail price on this project is $300, but you can easily whip this one up for around $100. Total time investment is 6 – 8 hours.


      2 doors* (should be as wide as bed or wider when stood side by side)
      2 kitchen drawers, wine crates or rectangular shelves
      2 wall-mounted reading lamps
      2 bed pillows with shams
      Cording or ribbon for sham loops
      Selection of small lipped vases
      Paint, stain or furniture wax (optional)
      4 door knobs (that include back plates with two screw holes)
      4, 2″ hinges
      5/8″ and 11/2″ wood screws
      1″ x 3″ lumber, 6′ long
      Wood glue
      Clock or clock movement with shaft long enough to penetrate back of shelf unit
      Wood filler (optional)
      Degreaser (optional)
      2 door stops

      Drill, 1/2″ drill bit
      Jigsaw or table saw
      Brush, cloth or roller (if using paint or stain)
      Tape measure
      Sander, 180-grit sandpaper
      *If you purchase doors from a reclaim centre, the knobs and hinges will have been removed but will be on display close by and available for purchase.

      Step by Step

      1. If painting or staining surfaces, sand shelves. If using cabinet drawers as shelves, remove drawer faces and all hardware. Fill holes with wood filler, if desired, and sand. If shelf units are finished in melamine, sand thoroughly to remove gloss finish and wipe with degreaser to ensure paint adhesion.

      2. Position lipped vases in desired locations on top of cabinets and mark. Drill 1/2″ pilot hole and use jigsaw to cut a hole as large as vase diameter. Dry-fit vases and remove.

      3. If repurposing an existing clock, take it apart. Mark desired clock location in cabinet; drill an appropriate hole for clock shaft. Dry-fit clock in cabinet and remove.

      4. Attach hinges onto cabinet drawers with 5/8″ screws, 3″ from top and 3″ from bottom on opposing sides (one for right side of bed, one for left). Pre‑drill holes with 1/16″ bit, ensuring that you do not drill clear through drawer walls.

      5. Measure bed height and cut doors to desired height. Make sure they will be high enough to allow space for pillows and reading lights. Sand doors; remove any hinges or knobs. Line up recessed mounted sides of doors (where hinges were) face to face.

      6. Mark height of bed on doors. Determine height of swinging shelves, which should be about 4–6″ higher than mattress. Hold hinged shelf in place and screw hinges to side of door on either side of bed with 11/2″ screws. Cut one piece of 1″ x 3″ to height of doors. Finish doors, shelves and 1″ x 3″ as desired.

      7. Determine height of pillows and mark for placement of door knobs. (You want them a few inches above pillows.) Attach knobs to doors with 11/2″ screws. Add cord or ribbon loops to pillow shams to align with door knobs.

      8. Assemble headboard by screwing cut piece of 1″ x 3″ against seam between doors. Install reading lamps. Screw door stops to outside lower back side of shelves. Snug up bed to headboard.
      Note: If shelves are more than three times deeper than headboard, add a two-by-four frame to back of headboard for maximum swing radius.


      This article originally appeared on Absolute Bodo. You can see more of my projects here in my book Enjoy Life Outside

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