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      My little dog has been shaking her head a lot. I have taken her to the vet and she gave “BABY” a tiny tube of ointment and charged me $36 for the one treatment. I have had to take her back once already.

      The vet said her hair inside of her ears is irritating her. Now she has started shaking her head again! Anyone have this experience with a pet?

      Would love to have some answers that do not cost an arm and a leg!

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      Irritating her how? Are they red inside? Does she have ear mites? Does it look crusty (black or dark red specks)?

      It sounds like you need a New Vet. Does your dog have any swelling in the ear that you can see? Does he act like his balance is off (walking drunkenly or unstable), problems running?

      Do his ears Smell (you don’t have to get close, you’ll KNOW if they do)?

      For now, I’d apply a quality coconut oil to the inside of the ear using cotton swabs or cotton balls, rub gently to get it in the cracks/crevices. They could be dry.

      Coconut oil is antibacterial and soothing. It’s what I use on my pets.

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