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      My daughter had head lice just after she turned 3. She is now 4. I

      do not have the patience to pick nits out of her hair. That is wasted

      time. She could not go back to daycare till all of those little eggs

      were out of her hair.

      After trying several things, store bought and suggestions, I went to

      Google and searched. I found what worked. First wash her hair with

      Coal Tar, that is what is in Dandruff Shampoo. I used Nuetrogena.

      Then you place a plastic bag over her shoulders (it will burn the

      skin) and pour vinegar over her hair. Cake it on. Use the whole

      bottle get it through her hair thouroughly. Then get a big bottle of

      coke, not the cheap stuff the real coke and pour that over her head

      thouroughly. make sure that no part of her head or hair has not been


      the shampoo kills the lice. the vinegar and coke removes the eggs.

      well hey if coke will clean your car battery why not lice eggs. then

      treat her hair with the tea tree oil, lice don’t like that. if you

      want wash her hair every other day with the dandruff shampoo. i

      washed my daughters hair with regular shampoo to clean it, then washed

      it with the dandruff shampoo so i wouldn’t use so much. then i would

      condition it with a sweet smelling conditioner.

      my daughter had a whole bunch of nits in her hair. i did just what i

      wrote and i found 1 nit in her hair. That was it. No picking, or

      trying to comb those little suckers out of her hair. They were just

      gone!!! pretty good i would say.

      i check her hair everyday to every other day when i brush it for those

      stupid things. i still treat her at times with the nuetrogena and the

      tea tree oil, just so i don’t have those buggers in my house or her

      head ever again!!!!!

      good luck!!!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List head lice help fast please