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      !st thing You need to do is wash all the bed linens and bag up all the stuffed animals. Keep them bagged for at least a week. As for the kids I have used Mayonnaise.

      Not miracle whip but the regular maynosse. Put it on the kids hair and cover it with a plastic bag. I let my kids sleep in it over night but a few hours will help.

      When You go to wash it out Use Dawn dish washing liquid. It will get the grease out from the mayonnaise.. You will still need to comb threw it with a nit comb and pick out the dead nits but i8t does work.

      I would do this for a couple of weeks to make sure You have them all gone.

      Tonya P wrote: I need a cheap, effective, hopefully non harsh way to get rid of and then controll head lice!!! Please help. Tea tree shampoo has not helped it cost me @25 for the encon size and it does not do anything.

      The kids were sent home with the lice again. I need to get ride of them and keep them gone. Thanks!

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