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      I always used olive oil and a shower cap. Then washed their hair
      with just dish soap and pulled out the dead bugs and nits. I always
      just put the oil in their hair, put a shower cap over it and let
      them sleep in it at night.

      Then worked on it the next morning. It
      was much easier and everything was dead! I did all their coats,
      hats, bed, and stuffed animals.

      I used the dryer for stuff that
      couldn’t be washed. 20 mins on high heat should kill anything there.
      Hope it helps!

      I remember seeing this, an passed it on to you from…


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      I need a cheap, effective, hopefully non harsh way to get rid of and then controll head lice!!! Please help. Tea tree shampoo has not helped it cost me @25 for the encon size and it does not do anything.

      The kids were sent home with the lice again. I need to get ride of them and keep them gone. Thanks!

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