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      Prescription Kwell is what works the best. 1. Wash all blankets and bedding 2. Spray all cloth furniture 3.

      Boil all brushes and hair accessories 4. Wash all jackets and clothing that may have come in contact with the hair. 5.

      Spray all rugs I had to sit for hours and pick every single nit out of my daughters hair one time but they never came back. Kristie

      Tonya P wrote: I need a cheap, effective, hopefully non harsh way to get rid of and then controll head lice!!! Please help. Tea tree shampoo has not helped it cost me @25 for the encon size and it does not do anything.

      The kids were sent home with the lice again. I need to get ride of them and keep them gone. Thanks!

      Kristie Obra Email: kristieobra@yahoo.com (Want to know more about me? check out MySpace url below) https://www.myspace.com/37321471

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