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      My daughter had head lice when she was 2. I tried all the stuff

      mentioned and I knew there had to be a way to get rid of them with no

      effort or time. I searched the web for hours. I finally found what I

      was looking for. First buy some shampoo with coal tar in it. you

      will find it in dandruff shampoo. i use nuetrogena t-gel. wash and

      let it sit in their hair for about 15 minutes. You must keep a eye on

      them. You Do Not want this to get into their eyes!!!!!! Rinse.


      will kill the lice that is alive on their scalp.

      Next you need to cover what you can of their body and pour vinegar

      over their haed. Yes Straight vinegar. This made my girls skin red,

      so yes cover the skin. Then you pour Coke I mean the real stuff over

      their heads. get a really big bottle and make a game of it. pour

      some over their head let them drink some. go back and forth. make

      sure you get it well saturated with both. use as much as you need.

      these two i used. i don’t know which one worked or if it was both but

      it did the job!! these get the eggs out. now treat your kids with

      tea tree shampoo. just buy some tea tree oil and add some of it too

      the shampoo. then when combing their hair use gel in their hair.

      this helps too.

      treat their hair as often as it is recommended to get rid of lice by

      all the other products, i don’t remember like once a week or 2 times a

      week. No special combs needed. Use the tea tree oil shampoo when

      ever you wash their hair and then use the gel everyday also.

      I hope that this helps. I know this process sucks yet you don’t have

      all those eggs to pick out of the hair!!!! Isn’t that in itself worth


      Yes you need to treat everything in the house like all the other

      posters said. Yet if I bagged items I would leave them bagged for 2

      weeks not 1, yet that is just me. Also don’t forget to boil or bag

      all of your hair supplies or combs and brushes too!!!!!! good


      on 4/7/08, Tonya P <eeyoreluvr13@gmail.com> wrote:

      > I need a cheap, effective, hopefully non harsh way to get rid of and then

      > controll head lice!!! Please help. Tea tree shampoo has not helped it cost

      > me @25 for the encon size and it does not do anything. The kids were sent

      > home with the lice again. I need to get ride of them and keep them gone.

      > Thanks!

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