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      my granddaughters had head lice we got the cheapest mayonnaise we could find the three girls had waist length hair and I think we only used 1 bottle and part of another.we left it on all night with a plastic bag on their head we took them to the health dept.and they checked the lice they never had any .it was cheaper than the lice killer and good for the hair.

      Original message from “Sue Truax” :

      If you go to Walmart they have straight tea tree oil for about 5$ you need to add it to the shampoo.I have used the oil straight from the bottle. You need to leave either the oil or shampoo on for at least 15 minutes.My granddaughter has waist length hair. I think the last time we used from the bottle it took 3 bottles.The oil in the shampoo is not strong enough to have it work.Wash everything if you can’t wash it put it in a plastic bag for two weeks.Most dollar stores around here carry the shampoo and I just add about a half bottle of the oil.

      When I couldn’t find the shampoo I put a whole bottle in baby shampoo. Alcohol will also work but it is bad for the hair if you have to use it to many times.

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