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      yes this is so true.

      passiondivas@aol.com wrote:

      > As I read all these remedies for head lice I see an

      > important thing missing

      > from each post!!


      > you must…wash all bedding…vacuum all areas…and

      > stuffed animals must be

      > put in plastic bags and into a freezer or just throw

      > them in hot

      > dryer…you can treat the source…however if you

      > don’t treat the areas…they will

      > keep coming back again and again!!!


      > also…another tip…if you have a hot flat iron for

      > hair…run this through

      > the hair from root to end…this will kill any nits

      > and help control

      > re-infestation…you must still comb out the hair

      > with a small lice comb…the key

      > it to not only get rid of the bugs…but their

      > eggs!!!


      > you must be diligent in your efforts or you will

      > never rid yourself of these

      > horrid little creatures!


      > best of luck to you!



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