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      okay, i read a site where it has been tested and it would be rare to get lice from your bedding etc. only from direct contact with the hair they live in. they wont stay on anything else for long.

      my husband and youngest son had them. i didnt get them nor did my oldest son and i sleep with my husband. i did clean the sheets andeverything after but only because im a germ freak and this drove me crazy.

      we never had them here before. i wouldnt dare put any chemicals in my kids hair that they sell. those things are powerful enough they can kill your child after just one treatment.

      now maybe i got lucky and what i did worked rightaway, but here is what i did.
      made a half and half mix of vinegar and veggie oil in a shampoo bottle. i massaged this in the hair very well,combed it out with a find tooth comb, (like a barbers comb and yes saw some grown ones in it, make sure youdip the comb in water to get the nits and live ones off the comb), wrap the hair in a plastic grocery bag (you can also use a shower cap or saran wrap) and leave the plastic on for at least 1/2 hour. take off the cap and wash as usual but!!

      now here is the clicker, use conditioner. i read that it is harder for the bugs to attach the nits to hairthat is conditioned. now, because i am paranoid i did this every night for a few nights (does wonders for your hair by the way) and then i did itonce a week for a few weeks, and we have not seen a sign of lice since then.

      oh and by the way, the child my son got them from still has them and has passed them to several kids at school. this is almost 3 months later! there is no shame in having them, but there is in keeping them!

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      As I read all these remedies for head lice I see an important thing missing from each post!!

      you must…wash all bedding…vacuum all areas…and stuffed animals must be put in plastic bags and into a freezer or just throw them in hot dryer…you can treat the source…however if you don’t treat the areas…they will keep coming back again and again!!!

      also…another tip…if you have a hot flat iron for hair…run this through the hair from root to end…this will kill any nits and help control re-infestation…you must still comb out the hair with a small lice comb…the key it to not only get rid of the bugs…but their eggs!!!

      you must be diligent in your efforts or you will never rid yourself of these horrid little creatures!

      best of luck to you!

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