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      i remember sitting over my girls for hours i have 2

      girls and both have long hair, one has thick hair, and

      the other one has curls. i ended up in urgent care,

      with a uti. cause i sat over them for so long they

      also missed about a week.

      — Yolonda <yoledgerwood@bellsouth.net> wrote:

      > The shampoos and cleaners are okay but the ONLY way

      > to get rid of them is to

      > remove every single egg from the host. Leaving just

      > one will cause a

      > re-infestation. You can also teach your children

      > how to avoid them (not

      > sharing hairbrushes or hats, no head to head

      > touching – really big with

      > girls; etc) I know how horrible this is – my

      > daughter got them in

      > kindergarten so bad she missed an entire week of

      > school!! I literally spent

      > hours each day going through her hair making sure I

      > got them all. Of

      > course, she has the thickest and curliest hair of

      > anyone I’ve ever met! She

      > is in 3rd grade now and hasn’t gotten them again; I

      > still check her hair

      > once a week routinely and if I ever see her itch I

      > check then, too 🙂 And

      > I ask often if anyone has been out with them.




      > Good luck!




      > _____


      > I need to get ride of them and keep them gone.

      > Thanks!



      Tabatha L Palmer



      You rock. That’s why Blockbuster’s offering you one month of Blockbuster Total

      Access, No Cost.


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