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      I have an HE washer and am not supposed to use regular laundry soap. Does the homemade soap lather-up? I live in Ohio and the area we are in, we have Tide and Gain He soap.

      My washer only uses 14 gallons of water at a time, I’m afraid of killing it. My sister-in-law started making her own soap and fabric softener so I wondered if I could save money and try it as well.


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      I’m also in Ohio Cubbybear66.
      One other laundry soap that is sold here in Ohio, that I have found is Seventh Generation Laundry Products. I posted the web site here, check this out if you get a chance. I’m not using anything but Tide, Gain and Seventh Generation in the machine, as well

      i’m afraid of killing it

      seventh generation coupon -7th Generation Coupons

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      I have NEVER ever used as much soap as they say in any washer .. When the kids were little I would have to toss in some borax (had bed wetters) and some baking soda for smell .. Matt’s urine was extremely strong even with fluids to help lighten it (and stopping all fluids after 5:30)

      I have an HE can’t remember the brand .. I run cheapy stuff from Save a Lot or Caswells .. The only thing I still do is leave the door open – I have always done this on my washers – reg or not ..

      It just makes sense, warm water is still inside (washers never completely drain) – why chance molds ..


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      I’ve used the homemade in my high efficiency washer. I used the powdered kind. Only used 1T.

      Never had a problem.

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      I just bought a HE washer last Oct. and am using the homemade soap recipe from this website…not had any problems and it cleans as well if not better then the store bought.

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      I’m glad others have posted to this question. I was really afraid of using anything but what was called for in this machine. Mine is a front loader and only about 6 months old.

      I do you use vinegar in my rinse cycle as well.
      This post has help me out as well. Know I’ll have to try the MYO.

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      I do use vinegar in the machine…in my HE it has a place for softner, bleach, and detergent. I just add my homemade detergent and vinegar in the softner spot. I have not had any problems and my clothes are coming out nice and clean.

      It even gets rid of the little girls pp stains 🙂

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      i use regular in my HE i use 1/2 of what a regular washer would use for the load, plus 1/2 cup of borax and 1 “cap” full of vinager in softener. i have never had a problem with the washer.

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      I have had one of the original maytag neptunes for 7 years now- I was lucky enough to live in Arizona for it’s first 5 years- so I never had the mold problem the northern people had! I have only ever used regular laundry soap in it for budget reasons- I use a 1/4 cup- and I think it cleans just fine. I run about 15-20 loads a week too.

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      Thanks for the info. They make it sound like the washer will explode in a soapy wave of death and destruction.

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      they make it sound like the washer will explode in a soapy wave of death and destruction.

      to funny–a scare to make us think we have to buy their soaps.. i know now that myo will do the job too–thanks also everyone…

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