Have you taken down your decorations yet?

Holidays & Special Occasions Christmas-Yule-hanukkah-Kwanzaa-Winter Solstice Have you taken down your decorations yet?

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      have you taken down your decorations yet?

      If not, when do you take yours down? We usually take ours down christmas day or boxing day at the latest.one of our family members waits until easter to take down her christmas lights.

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      Yes, we took ours down on Boxing day. Well, most of them anyways! We leave the wreaths and holly hanging for a few more weeks, just to have “greenery”.

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      Yes, everything is packed neatly back in proper containers waiting to go back to storage.

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      Have you taken down your decorations yet?

      No we have not taken them down just yet, we probably will after New Years.

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      Not yet, we take ours down on New Years Day.

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      No, we always wait until after New Year’s Day to take everything down. We start putting stuff up the weekend after Thanksgiving, the tree goes up around the 15th or so, and we want to have the most enjoyment we can of the holidays, so while some things may start being put away a little earlier, mostly everything is up thru New Year’s Day. 🙂

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      I keep them up til after New Year’s Day.

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      We never take them down until after the new year. I’d leave the tree up all year, if my hubby would agree! 😉

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      No we haven’t yet, it will probably be just after New Year’s.

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      Always take down our decorations the weekend after new years day

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      I leave my decorations up until after the New Year. I love having them up! We always buy a real tree and I LOVE the smell of fresh (real) pine in my home.

      We were late getting the tree up this year, I would love to keep it up until mid January at least if it stays fresh enough. Christmas is the one holiday that I really decorate my home.

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      We don’t have many decorations up, but probably won’t put things away until after the new year gets here. Still have some Halloween decorations up lol.

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      Yes! We took ours down yesterday. We normally do it the day after christmas to get our livingroom back.

      All lights and decorations outside are put away. 🙂

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      We Usually take them down after New Years day. The decorations seem to help us bring in the new year by putting the old year away. :xmas3::xmas3:

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      Not yet! When I was growing up the decorations were put up the weekend after Thanksgiving and taken down January 2nd. That’s a tradition I’ve kept with my own family.

      I thought about putting them up later and taking them down earlier, but I really love how festive the house looks. 🙂

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      No, we do after New Years.

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      For Catholics, Christmas JUST STARTED. Likewise other faiths, ie Orthodox are just starting. My tree etc will be up for a few more weeks😊😊😊

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      I took down all the outside stuff, because it’s been unseasonably warm here in New England. The tree is coming down on Thursday!

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      Our decorations stay up through Epiphany, Jan. 6th, and my middle son’s birthday on Jan. 7th. Even though my 3 sons are in their 40’s +, and not always home for Christmas, it is a good day to get things put away from the holidays.

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      Decorations down and packed away in the attic today. Looking forward to the New Year!

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      Not yet but I will before the new year.

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      Mine comes down late at night on Christmas Day.

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      Yes. I finally took mine down a few days ago.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Christmas-Yule-hanukkah-Kwanzaa-Winter Solstice Have you taken down your decorations yet?