Has anyone heard of this before?

Stuff I’d Like to See General Has anyone heard of this before?

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      I was wondering if anyone of you have ever heard of Alice.com? I was told about it and don’t know much about it. If they are legit or not?

      Or if any of you have ever order from them before. I’d like to know more about it, if you have any input on it that would be great. Thanks.

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      Alice.com? sorry, never heard about it, but you can go Google.com. 🙂

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      Hi tsgal,
      I signed up to Alice about 10 months ago and really never got into it (don’t have any extra money to get those discounts). Yes, it is legit. I know you can get super discounts on things you order from them and there are other things you can do on the site as well.

      Hope this helps. The following businesses/websites and tv programs have good things to say about them (good housekeeping, the wall street journal, forbes, abc news, cnbc, cnn, today, rachel ray, the new york times, real simple)

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      Isn’t this another “rating businesses” type site? I have heard of it, I haven’t gone to the site yet though. Have found going to the bbb sometimes can be a bit overwhelming when you just want to find out about one certain business…so if alice.com will help simplify that process, i hope to sometime (soon i hope) go check it out.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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Stuff I’d Like to See General Has anyone heard of this before?