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      > Resolutions: 1. Pay off as much debt as possible.<< Great Resolution! I will be sharing a ton of new articles this year. > > 2. Build up our savings.<< This is one of ours as well, Our goal is to spend more time investing this year- varying the portfolio, so to speak. My Resolution this year- to share a minimum of 25 new recipes, budgeting tips, frugal living tips etc on list each Day, (except Sundays- which is a family day only in our home. To redesign based on the requests of my visitors this past year. Btw, The Forums have been completely Redone! They has several new features- 1st. They’re Much Faster 2nd. Ability to Change the Font Size in the Forum -There is a little button above login (a Letter A with an up arrow and a Down Arrow) 3rd. Print Friendly pages- Button by the Font Changing button – this removes all formatting so you can easily print the recipes without wasting your expensive ink! 4th. Email Friend- you can share a thread with your friends 5th. a Search Button on the very top of the page- so if you’re trying to research a past thread for the list here you can easily find what you’re looking for.

      It has some other changes, but these were the big ones that were


      Happy New Year! 🙂

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