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      Happy New Year (well, Almost!!) Share your New Years Resolutions here for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card (we’re giving away 3!!)

      My Resolutions:

      Spend More Time doing the things I love and Less time Working.
      Stop Stressing over every little thing
      Enjoy the Moment.

      What are yours?

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      Resolution is to live one day at a time and be a better person today, than I was yesterday…

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      My “resolution” for 2016? Enjoy being me, as myself… It’s taken me 58 years to get here.

      *Here* being the point where I’ve finally learned and accepted that it’s all right to just be myself and love myself. It was a long journey, but I got here… Now I’m going to enjoy it!

      ~Smiles~ happy new year!!! <3 ~Tam~

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      I hope to move to another state this spring. SO my resolution is get packing,cleaning and moving.

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      This year, I have to get serious about getting healthy and lose weight, for my sake as well as my kids. My oldest son is getting married this October. I want to surprise him by losing some weight before then.

      I also want to work on talking less and listen more.

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      Be more intentional in cleaning and organizing my home.

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      I’m hoping to start saving in 2016

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      Enjoy being me, as myself and to be a better caregiver, be more organized in cleaning of my home.

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      I am going to do everything I can to mend my relationships with my adult children. Family is all we have as we get older and I am going to make sure my family knows I love them.

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      I resolve to cease allowing others opinions of me affect my life. I finally understand that what someone else thinks of me is actually None of my business, it’s their business and theirs alone.

      I resolve to be a more positive person, to erase negativity from my thoughts by replacing it with something positive. For example instead of blurting out that something sucks, I shall replace that with, I would make such and such better by doing ______.

      Finally, I resolve to spend more time with the people that bring joy to my life and less time with the emotional vampires that have plagued me in the past.

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      My resolutions are to finally quit smoking, to be more productive during the day while I’m working and to make time to read more. I used to read a lot and really love it, but I just don’t seem to have time any more. I am going to MAKE time.

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      hahaha!! my news years resolutions are all of those, to quit griping about taxes, the weather, the grocery price hike despite the drop in gas prices, the retarded job market or lack thereof and of course, other peoples resolutions.

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      My resolutions are to get my budget under control and stop spending money on dining out. I added up last years expense for eating out and I was really disappointed in myself, for what I spent I could easily have paid for a decent vacation to someplace nice. This year I’m going to make my own copycat restaurant meals and every time I make one, take the money that I would have spent and put it in a jar.

      At the end of the year, I’m treating myself to a nice Vacation in Europe!!

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      New Year’s resolutions are a bit like babies: They’re fun to make but really difficult to maintain. I’d like to drop a few pounds. Preferably from my belly to my @ss.

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