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      How Many of you have ever done a hanging garden? I saw an article recently on growing tomatoes upside down in a 5 gallon bucket but didn’t know if there was anything else you could do like this.

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      Everbearing strawberries are great in a basket, you don’t have to pinch them off and you can start enjoying them right away. They really look nice hanging on a porch or from a shepherd hook.

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      basil. I would think most any ground berry. trailing rosemary, purple leaf basil, thyme, and trailing oregano.

      yellow pear tomato. Look for these words: baby, compact,
      dwarf, or midget. chillie peppers.

      They say pretty much anything that vines or stays short. Just use your imaganation. Good idea though maybe ill do some baskets too.

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      I grew tomatoes upside down last year and it worked out great. Great for any area where space is limited. I will be doing it again this year.

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      I would like to try the tomatoes does anyone know how to make the planters out of milk jugs ETC

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      Milk jugs would not contain enough dirt to support the growth of tomatoes. You would need at least 5 lbs of potting soil in my estimate.

      Whatever container you decide on, you would need a piece of heavy (but soft) FOAM that would go around the base of the plant and hold the plant but still allow it to grow bigger. A hole would be made in the bottom of the container, smaller than the total diameter of the foam. The plant with the foam around it would be pushed through the hole from the inside until the foam is against the bottom of the bucket and provides a good seal so dirt won’t come out.

      Fill the container with dirt. Hang up. Water.

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      I like the Strawberry idea. I was thinking about starting some this year. I like the idea of not having to pinch off the flowers.

      Thanks JoAnn for the tip on this one, I’ll try this out for sure.

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