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      Cut calories by keeping close tabs on how much you’re eating–no matter where you are

      by Gloria McVeigh

      Sept. 5, 2006) — Eating right-size portions pays off, say Pennsylvania State University scientists, who found out how easily big servings lead to calorie overload.

      On 2 consecutive days in each of 3 weeks, 32 subjects chose as many food portions as they wanted. But the serving sizes changed: regular size portions during week one became 50% larger the second week and doubled during week three.

      Compared with the first week, total daily calories jumped by 335 per day for women and 504 for men during the second week, and by an astonishing 530 for women and 812 for men in the last week.

      To make portion control super easy, print out this guide and carry it with you until you’ve committed it to memory.

      Please keep in mind that these portion ounces may change slightly according to your body size, but that those portion sizes are proportionate to your needs for your size.

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