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      > I had gastric bypass amost 3 years ago. Now the way I have to eat

      is…very very very small portions every couple of hours.

      But before I had this surgery done the doctors told me that the best

      way to lose weight is to eat 5-6 small (very small) meals a day.

      That way you will not snack on junk foods and will not be hungry. So

      say you wake up eat a balanced breakfast…at 10am then eat a

      apple..or some kind of fruit, at lunch time have a bowl of soup (

      with a few crackers), at 2pm have 4 saltines with jelly on it, at 5pm

      have your dinner at 7pm have your little snack (very small dish of

      ice cream)

      To be honest I wish I had the will power to do it that way…but had

      other medical problems and needed this surgery done to speed up the

      weigh lose. It is definitely NOT the safest surgery out there since

      I almost died from malnutrion and now have to have my stomach

      stretched every 6 months.

      If ANYONE is thinking of having this done in the future…please

      please please look into it more. Plus the lap band is way safer then

      this surgery ever will be. The doctors that do this surgery can

      learn how to do this prodecedure in a weekend. Make sure they have

      many many many hours of learning how to do this…so what happened to

      me wont happen to you!!

      Just thought I would share this with all of you.

      Hope I am not rambling on.

      Kelly from Illinois


      > Handy Portion Control

      > <https://www.prevention.com/assets/spacer.gif>


      > Cut calories by keeping close tabs on how much you’re eating–no


      > where you are


      > by Gloria McVeigh


      > Sept. 5, 2006) — Eating right-size portions pays off, say


      > State University scientists, who found out how easily big servings

      lead to

      > calorie overload.


      > On 2 consecutive days in each of 3 weeks, 32 subjects chose as many


      > portions as they wanted. But the serving sizes changed: regular size

      > portions during week one became 50% larger the second week and


      > during week three.


      > Compared with the first week, total daily calories jumped by 335

      per day for

      > women and 504 for men during the second week, and by an astonishing

      530 for

      > women and 812 for men in the last week.


      > To make portion control supereasy, print out this guide and carry

      it with

      > you until you’ve committed it to memory.







      > to view larger version in new window

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