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      I have found second hand clothes mostly from neighbors and friends at church, however if you go to Yahoo groups you may be able to find a mommy group in your area. I live a smaller city and we have two or three. Join and make friends with other moms. We often trade items or pass on items. I have a 15mth old daughter. I bought here birthday dress on Ebay for $8 including shipping and handling. Try to save on other things like diapers and stuff by buying online too. Amazon has free shipping so you don’t even have to go to the store and pick them up. Ebay has been my friend since I became a mommy for little items, sippy cups, clothes, diapers. (Light weight-less shipping) But seriously find a baby consignment shop, not a chain place just a little mom and pop. Remember from 6-18 mths they are always getting food everywhere and playing in the dirt so don’t worry about clothes with stains. My daughter wore onesies until she learned to walk, except for church and family visits. Get one or two nice things for those. Don’t worry about shoes and socks except what she’ll need for winter. She won’t need them till she starts walking. There is a great deal babies don’t need. I found the hardest thing to come by were pant sets and short sets, but I figure she’s a girl dresses are great, makes changing diapers 100% easier. Good luck hope this helps. -Jessica

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