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      Post specifically asking for girls clothes on freecycle. You are
      perfectly allowed to ask for items, and it might get you in touch
      with someone who has clothes to give you without having to deal with
      being “first in line”.

      Ask friends and family if they know of anyone who might have hand me
      downs in girls items, without being subtle. Just point out
      say, “Hey, I was wondering.. do you know anyone who has a girl who
      might have some hand me down’s we could use for our daughter?”

      We went through that with our son. He’s the first boy in his
      generation to be born on either side of the family. Still is the
      only boy, actually, so hand me downs were non-exsistant. Back then,
      there was no Freecycle, either (He’s almost 8 now). My husband’s
      aunt had a co-worker with a little boy about a year older, though,
      and after I asked around, i ended up with 3 large garbage bags of
      clothes for him. I took out what I could use (some was too small
      already, some was horribly stained, etc), and passed on anything I
      couldn’t use.

      Your friend’s sister might have an in-law, for instance, with little
      girls. Or your co-workers brother might have little girls. Hit
      places like Good Will & Salvation army. It’s a lot cheaper than
      going to consignment shops, because there’s no middle man. You
      aren’t paying both the owner of the shop and the owner of the
      clothes. You might not find as much really nice stuff, but the way
      kids grow, finding cheap clothes is always a bonus.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Hand-me-down baby clothes