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      > I like to use a can of chili with no beans to the rice.  My family

      loves it.  You can also use chili with beans with rice.  First I

      brown 1lb of ground beef untl the meat is brown, drain the fat, then

      add the can of chili with or without beans.  Add it to the rice after

      the rice is cooked or in the same pot while the rice is cooking. 

      Either way, its good.  My husband loves cheese so when I serve the

      chili and rice on a platter, he adds cheddar cheese.  He can’t get

      enought of it.


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      Sounds good, I used to work in a restaurant where we would take a

      tostada shell top with rice, chili, minced onion and cheese and bake

      it until the cheese melted, wow am I now have a craving. Thanks for

      reminding me,






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      > >

      > > We have used this as an easy family meal when added to salad,


      > > veggie, or fresh veggie in season (steamed cabbage or sliced

      > tomatoes

      > > are very easy).

      > >

      > > Make rice to serve your family – long cooking is cheaper, judge


      > > much your family will eat.

      > >

      > > Make sauce to serve over rice. This feeds four in our family:

      > >

      > > Brown one pound hamburger, breaking up well as you cook. Drain on

      > > paper towel.

      > >

      > > Add to one can of cream of mushroom soup made up with only about


      > > can of milk (so it will be a thicker sauce, not runny). Store-


      > > soup is fine. You may also use cream of chicken soup.

      > >

      > > You could add any of these to cook with the hamburger: chopped

      > onion,

      > > Bell peppers. You may add a small drained can of chopped mushroom

      > > pieces to the sauce, but do not need to cook it.

      > >

      > > But the basic hamburger, rice and soup is easiest and cheapest –


      > > still the family favorite here!

      > >

      > > aardvark

      > >

      > I use this basice recipe with leftover pork chops, I mince the


      > add it to a can of cream of mushroom soup and 2 cups cooked rice.

      > Serve with a salad.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List “Hamburger Rice” – family favorite – cheap/ EZ