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      Re: Budget101.com : Hambone

      From Recipezaar

      German Potato Soup Recipe #22088

      1 meaty ham bone
      1 head cabbage
      6-8 potatoes, diced
      3 carrots
      1 large onion, diced
      2 stalks celery, sliced salt & pepper
      1 tablespoon parsley
      2 bay leaves

      Boil the Ham Bone and the bay leaves in appox.
      3 qts.
      of water for 1 hour.
      If your broth boils down too much you may need to add extra water.
      Remove and cut the meat into chunks after your rich broth is made.
      Add ham, onion, celery, potato’s, carrots, salt, pepper, cabbage and parsley to
      the broth.
      Cook till veggies are done.

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