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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween Party Ideas: Kids 10 and Under

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      Invitation Samples/Ideas:

      this is very simple to put together as it just used black cardstock for the background and cut-to-size white cardstock for the invitation details.

      the party details can easily be typed up and printed out on a computer on the white cardstock and glued to the top half of the black paper.

      the white on black writing is a little bit trickier, so you may need to handprint this part using a white colored pencil or perhaps a silver marker. there are also metallic pencils now available that you can purchase that write quite well on dark paper.

      then just use a white ghost sticker to embellish the ghost party invitation and you’re finished.

      ghost party invitation

      this invitation is best done with a computer graphics program or greeting card software as you need to fade out some of the ghost graphics. you can find some free ghost clipart images here that you can use for this.

      text is then applied on top to supply the details of when, where and who is hosting the party.

      once your design is done, just print the invitation out on orange cardstock.

      all the invitations on this page are good to use for kid’s parties, but i especially like this one.

      if making by hand, type and print out (or hand print) the wording on white cardstock. cut the white paper slightly smaller than the black cardstock so you have two black edges on each side and glue in place.

      add a ghost and an owl/tree sticker or use a graphic cutout of something similar and glue them to the invitation.


        mini halloween frisbee’s
        items needed:

        orange and black frisbee’s
        round cd labels, halloween graphics
        a software program to manipulate graphics and text

        work with the halloween graphic to get it to the right size so it prints on the cd label fully. add text, such as “happy halloween”, maybe the child’s name that will receive the favor or anything else that you wish to have on it. print the graphic onto the round cd label and stick it to the center of the frisbee to make a personalized halloween frisbee favor for each guest.

          monster portraits
          materials needed:

          * cheap mini frames or make your own from cardboard
          * cardboard
          * markers
          * pictures of monsters
          * stickers and glow-in-the-dark paints
          * tape/glue


          1. Use mini frames if possible. Otherwise, make frames from cardboard.

          Decorate the frames if desired with monster stickers, and green and yellow glow-in-the-dark paints. Cut out squares of cardboard to make the backing to fit the frames.

          2. Cut out pictures of monsters from graphics, posters, magazines, etc. or draw and color your own.

          Paste or tape the pictures to the cutout backing.

          3. If you have an instant Polaroid camera, take pictures of each person, cut out the picture to fit the frame, and place them in the frame instead of using magazine pictures. (Provided you have the time to do this during the party).

            halloween chocolate candy pop bouquets
            items needed:

            white and milk chocolate
            food dye (for chocolate)
            lollipop sticks, cooking pots
            chocolate thermometer
            orange cellophane wrapping
            orange and black curly riboon
            a variety of halloween chocolate molds

            the following chocolate candy molds are available through amazon.com:

            * coffin with skeleton candy molds
            * tombstone pop assortment candy molds
            * witch’s hat pop candy molds
            * coffin with mummy candy molds
            * bat on moon pop candy molds
            * 3-D Jack-O-Lantern Candy Molds
            * Skull Pieces Candy Molds

            Make 2 or 3 different chocolate candy pops per child. It’s very easy to do. Just melt the chocolate in a double boiler (you don’t want it to burn), lay your sticks in the molds and pour the chocolate it, then let it set until hard.

            That’s it! Finally, wrap each chocolate individually in clear or orange cellophane wrap. Tie the pops together in a “bouquet” with black and orange curly ribbon.

            If you would like additional ideas on how to make candy there is a huge selection of excellent candy cookbooks that can be purchased or borrowed from the library. You can also find some great tips on the Internet as well.

              halloween surprise tubes
              items needed:

              toilet paper roll tube
              halloween wrapping paper
              tape or glue
              ribbon in halloween colors
              small candies, small novelty items, confetti

              these are very simple to make and are based on the idea of new year’s crackers. first, measure and cut your paper so that it will wrap around the toilet paper tube (with a little extra for gluing/taping) and that the length extends about 2″ from each end. Glue the paper to the tube and tie one end closed with some ribbon.

              Fill the tube with candy; novelty items such as spider or ghost rings, stickers, etc.; and add some confetti to the mix. Tie up the open end with ribbon. Using scissors, fringe the ends and you’re done.

              If you like, you could stick labels on each tube that are personalized with each child’s name.

                witch’s broom treat bags
                video how-to: youtube – halloween party favor-how to
                this is a very cool video that shows you how to make unique treat bags that resemble a witch’s broom. fill halfway with inexpensive candies and novelty items and you’ll have “kid approved” halloween party favors.

                items needed:

                2 paper bags (lunch bag size)
                black ribbon
                8″ long dowel about 1/2″ in diameter or small branch (please don’t cut live trees for the branch)
                candy and novelty items

                  paper fortune teller (children and adults)
                  i remember making these as a kid – usually for telling our future about boys that we were interested in. these are super fun to play with and both adults and children will get a kick out of them.


                  as these take a bit of instruction on how to fold the paper (this is essentially an origami paper folding technique), i’ve created a separate page to show you how to make a paper fortune teller.

                    mystical box of treats (children)
                    not surprising, children love anything that is mystical and magical. therefore, creating a mystical box of treats will certainly delight them.

                    materials needed:

                    small favor boxes (if possible, get them in black, dark blue, or dark purple)
                    paint in the above colors if you can’t find boxes
                    glittery star stickers or glitter markers/paints and a star template
                    gold, glittery ribbon
                    “magical” items for favors


                    if you can’t find colored boxes, then paint white boxes in either black, dark blue or dark purple. add glittery stars, moons, and sun symbols for decoration. fill the box with items such as cheap mood rings, miniature card decks, silly putty, gold foil chocolate coins, etc.

                    close the box and decorate with the ribbon to finish off these mystical fortune teller party favors.

                      spider bookmarks
                      materials needed:

                      * orange or yellow cardstock paper
                      * black, silver, and other colors of glitter markers
                      * black glitter glue
                      * spider stickers
                      * glue


                      cut out cardstock to the size of a bookmark (a good size is 2″ wide by 7″ long). Trace a spider web onto the top third of cardstock and outline using a silver glitter marker. Add a spider sticker to the web or draw a spider using black glitter glue.

                      Add a short poem to the bottom 2/3’s of the bookmark. You could either write these out using glitter pens, or print it out on colored paper and glue it securely to the bookmark. Here are a few rhymes that you can use:

                      Spider, Spider
                      Spider, spider
                      Spin your web
                      Catching insects
                      In your thread
                      How many insects can you catch?
                      One , two, three…

                      Clever spider spins a thread
                      To make a trap we call a web.
                      Clever spider knows that she
                      Will have some insects with her tea.

                        spider web flashlights
                        materials needed:

                        * small, cheap flashlights
                        * batteries
                        * black enamel paint
                        * thin paint brush


                        paint a web design on the lighted end of the flashlight (make your lines very thin). let dry. voila!

                        a spiderweb shining on the wall.

                          pumpkin jars
                          materials needed:

                          * baby food jars and lids
                          * orange, yellow and black paint
                          * glue
                          * small paint brush
                          * orange and green felt
                          * candies


                          1. Wash and dry the jars thoroughly. Paint a pumpkin face on the jar.

                          2. Cut a circle to fit the jar lid out of orange felt. Glue in place.

                          3. Cut one or two leaves from the green felt. Glue in place.

                          4. Fill the jar with candies. Give out as a prize.

                            pumpkin pots
                            materials needed:

                            * 2″ Terra Cotta Pots
                            * Orange, black and yellow acrylic paints
                            * Paint brushes
                            * Acrylic sealer (spray)


                            1. Sand any rough edges of the pots. Paint the pot orange.

                            2. Using the black paint, paint the outline of the eyes, nose, mouth and ridges of the pumpkin.

                            3. Fill in the eyes, nose and mouth with yellow paint.

                            4. Seal the pot (inside and out) with 2 coats of acrylic sealer.

                            5. Fill with candies or insert a tea light or votive candle (orange of course).

                              pumpkin net favors
                              materials needed:

                              * orange netting (check fabric stores)
                              * thin green ribbon
                              * halloween candies


                              1. Cut out a circle about 6″ in diameter from netting.

                              2. Place 5 or 6 candies in the center of each circle.

                              3. Pull netting up around candy and secure with green ribbon.

                              game ideas

                                eyeball bounce

                                take ping pong ball and decorate with markers to look like blood shot eyes. then get a plastic pumpkin or party cups.

                                now give each child an eyeball and place the plastic pumpkin or cup at the bottom of stairs or across the floor. works best on wooden stairs and floors. have each child toss or bounce the eyeball down the stairs or across the room.

                                the goal is to see if their eyeball bounces into the pumpkin.

                                you can give a prize to those that get it in the pumpkin. also for young kids, you may want to place 20 cups together and have each cup worth a secret prize. This increases the chance to get a prize and it makes the prize a complete surprise.

                                  witch hat ring toss
                                  purchase two or more witch’s hat at the dollar store and stuff it with paper so it is solid. then tape the bottom of the hat to a piece of wood. the wood should be smaller than the hat so you can’t see it.

                                  now purchase 6 glow in the dark necklaces or purchase light wooden ring and paint or add with glow in the dark paint or tape.

                                  Now during the party divide the group into two teams and place the witch’s hats 5, 8, 10 or 12 feet away from the throwing line. Each line is given 3 rings each and told that each player will have 3 tries to toss a ring around the witch’s hat.

                                  The goal is to get everyone on your team to toss a ring on the witch’s hat before the other team does this.

                                  So if you complete the task on your first or second or third you are done, now get the thrown rings and give them to the next person in line. If however you throw all three and miss then you need to collect the rings, give them to the next person in line and then go back to the end of the line. Continue until the first team one team has everyone place a ring over the witch’s hat.

                                  Get more witches hat but give higher point values to hats that are further away from the throwing line. So a hat the is 3 feet away is worth 2 points, 5 feet is worth 5 points and 10 feet away worth 10 points.

                                  Note: You can play this game as teams or individuals.

                                    broomstick witch hunt
                                    start by telling your guests about a story about an evil witch has stolen the halloween candy! and now we need to find her hideout and get the candy back. good thing there are clues, word has it she was trying to find a new broomstick to find this halloween and as she was test riding the news ones she through the old ones out.

                                    maybe if we find one it will lead us to her hideout. (adapt the story as needed)

                                    then ask the kids if they want to try and find her broomstick path, as rumor had it a witch was scene in the front yard (or wherever you want to start the path) today. guide the kids to the start of the broom path and search with flashlights for the next broom, and the next. at the end of the line have a big pot of candy waiting for the kids.

                                    add some fun change the story a bit and leave a hat and witch items along the path of the trail.

                                      candy corn guess
                                      supplies: candy corn, jar, time to count

                                      guests try to guess the number of candy corns in a jar or bowl. the guest closest to the exact number wins.

                                        pass the pumpkin
                                        this musical chairs type game involves passing small pumpkins and gourds and when the music stops the person without a pumpkin is out. play until there is a winner.

                                        kids sit in a circle and you hand out one less pumpkin then children in the group. then instruct the children to start passing the pumpkins when the music begins to play and continue passing until the music stops.

                                        once the music stops the child without a pumpkin is out of the game. now remove a pumpkin from the group and restart the music. this pattern continues until you have one pumpkin with one winner.

                                          spider web hunt (might be more challenging for the youngens)
                                          take a synthetic spider webs (or many, many small synthetic webs) and use it to enclose a small space – maybe about three feet wide by three feet tall by six feet long.

                                          hook the web with small plastic spider rings — one for each child. send the kids in two and three at a time to search for their ring and reward them with a cupcake when they come out.

                                          add a level of difficulty: instead of rings place different clues on the web and then each clue gives a hint to where the ring or gift is hidden. (this makes it a challenge for 5 -7 yr olds)

                                            halloween candy hunt
                                            for small children 3 – 6 this is a simple candy hunt, like an Easter Egg Hunt.

                                            Buy plastic eggs (paint if needed) or find plastic icons that can hold candy. Place candy and small prizes in the eggs and hide around the yard. For fun place additional Halloween props around the yard like a witches hat, broomstick, etc… and hide eggs everywhere.

                                            Then send the kids out by age youngest first and give them a head start before letting the older kids go. The prize can be the candy inside or some of the eggs can contain notification of winning a small prize or party favor.

                                              halloween corners game
                                              this random halloween game is always a lot of fun for kids and it is totally random who the winner is.

                                              stick up large halloween themed pictures (ie witch, bat, ghost and black cat) in the four corners of a room. play some music and when it stops, each child runs to a corner (if you have small numbers you can limit the number of children in each).

                                              the music operator without looking then calls out one corner or pulls a piece of paper from a hat and the image on the paper identifies which the corner is out of the game. continue to play until there is one person left and they win a prize.

                                                create a haunter story
                                                have everyone sit in a circle and let them know we are going to tell a story and the best part is you’ll be helping create it.

                                                there are 2 ways to get started
                                                1. Select an outgoing child to start
                                                2. If the children are younger – write up some ideas and get them started yourself.

                                                An example – It was a rainy and cold night as they walked along the road, but in the distance they saw a house…

                                                The story is then passed on to the next guest where they add their own intrigue or surprises this continues until all the guests have participated and the story has been completed. Without the participants knowing, tape the telling of the story and then play it back for them right away. Just for laughs!

                                                Depending an age you may want to turn off the lights, and have the storyteller shine the flashlight under their face as they tell their portion of the ghost story.

                                                If the kids are under 5, you may want to lead the story and have the kids fill in one word answers. Example: As the kids approached the haunted house they saw _____. And this scared Sally so much she turned around but when she did she noticed that a _____ was crawling on Andrew’s back!

                                                If you choose this method, have to flashlights, one for you and one that can be passed by the kids. The best part of doing this with young children is that you don’t know what they will say.

                                                  pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern
                                                  just like pin the tail on the donkey, but with a pumpkin. color a pumpkin on a poster board paper. draw a mouth to the jack-o-lantern, but leave off the eyes and nose.

                                                  cut out circles, squares, and triangles from black construction paper to use for the rest of the face. number the shapes for verification, and add tape to one side.

                                                  blindfold one kid at a time, spin them around a few times, and have them try to stick it to the pumpkin.
                                                  for young kids add the eyes and do place the nose on the pumpkin. this matches up with the traditional game.

                                                    the spooky walk
                                                    a musical chairs type game but without the running and pushing. a fun and random game that the kids will want to play several times.

                                                    cut out pumpkins, witches, ghosts, brooms, scarecrows, and other halloween symbols. you’ll need 1 item per child attending. If you run out of ideas put 2 pumpkins together, 2 witches etc…

                                                    You can place the cut outs in a circle on the floor or around/on a table. You’ll need some haunting music to play and you’ll need to be able to turn the music on or off. Have your guests walk around in a circle stepping/standing beside or on the things you cut out.

                                                    At a random intervals, stop the music and everyone freezes by the item next to them. There should only be one child at an item.

                                                    Then from a hat or jar draw out the name of one of the cut outs, like 2 pumpkins or 1 witch, then the person standing next to the 2 pumpkins would be out of the game. They 2 pumpkins image would then be pulled from the game so there are only as many images as there are children still playing the game.

                                                    Repeat this process until there is only one child left they are the winner. Set up and play again.

                                                      guess the ghost
                                                      works best with a large group 10 and up. Have one child leave the room. Then take a large sheet and have a different (child) stand and hide under the sheet.

                                                      Mix up the remaining children in the room and then allow the child who left the room the “GhostBuster” to come back inside. That child then, by process of elimination, guesses who the ghost is under the sheet.

                                                      Then that “Ghost” goes out of the room and a different child becomes the new ghost, mix up the remaining children and repeat until all of the children have had a turn being the ghost.

                                                      Harder Version
                                                      Send the GhostBuster out of the room and then select 1 child to be the ghost but then send 3 others into another room. Then the Ghost Guesser will have to try to guess the ghost. If they are stumped they can ask the ghost 1 question about themselves (other than who are you) and the ghost answers in a ghostly voice. The Ghost Guesser then has one guess left.

                                                      If they get it wrong the ghost is revealed and if they get it right then yeah. The ghost then becomes the Ghost Guesser.

                                                        halloween who am i?
                                                        when a guest arrives a name tag or piece of paper is placed on their back and they are told that by the end of the party they must guess what it says. note: this game can be adapted for any age group 3 to 93, just increase difficulty with age.

                                                        This is done by asking other guests ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions about what the paper says. They are not allowed to read it themselves, nor are they allowed to ask someone else what it says.

                                                        When they guess correctly, they win a prize like a candy bar or a keychain (make it age appropriate).

                                                        Ideas for on the back:
                                                        Young kids – Pumpkin, Witch, Vampire, Ghost, etc…
                                                        For Teenagers and Adults: Think of Scary movie titles, Famous Horror Characters from scary movies, Halloween phrases like Pumpkin Carving, Trick or Treat, Headless Horseman, adjust as you need

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