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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween Party Ideas

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      The craft would depend on the ages. Here’s a few “oldies but goodies”,


      You could do a decorate a cupcake/cookie station- have a few moms bring

      in the cookies or cupcakes, some others bring in frosting that’s

      colored already, another can bring in some sprinkles, etc. That way, it

      keeps the kids busy, while also giving them a snack.

      Go to a food supply store, and get those plastic food service gloves

      (not latex!!). Have the kids fill them with candy corn for nails,

      popcorn for the hands, then add some thin red licorice for veins. You

      can also get the spider rings that have the split on the bottom, and

      have the kids add a ring to the finger of the ghoulie hand.

      Use white, purple, or black tissue paper and let the kids wrap their

      own suckers to make ghosts. Add shimmery silver ribbon around the neck.

      A bit nicer looking than the old stand by of kleenex and yarn. 😉

      You could look at cheap projects that Oriental Trading Company has in

      the “foam” section. You can usually get kits that make like 6 pumpkin

      magnents for $1.99. Get a few moms to maybe pitch in $1 each, and order

      some of those. They’re a bit more friendly than things that might be

      scary, or that some parents might not approve of, though (ghosts,

      vampires, skeletons, etc).

      One year at our old school’s halloween party, they bought cheap 5×7

      picture mattes in autumn colors (tans, browns, creams, oranges), and a

      bunch of the brightly colored fake leaves. You glued them onto the

      frame however you wanted, then added magnent strips to the back. Then,

      we had frames to stick on the fridge. But, the mattes at a regular

      store can be expensive (like $1-2 each).

      You could have the kids make jack-o-lanterns out of orange paper

      plates, and precut black shapes for the mouth, add a green stem, and

      maybe use yellow glitter glue to draw eyes on the black shapes.

      You could also take purple or black paper plates, cut them in half, and

      use a paper punch to put holes around the outer edge (matching up both

      halfs), then have them “sew” it together with ribbon, and add paper or

      foam shapes to make a spider face. Glue paper legs to the back- they

      can stuff some of their treats into these.

      Bookmarks- get those fat popsicle sticks (not the typical skinny ones),

      and let them glue halloween foam shapes to the top- pumpkins, cats,

      ghosts, etc), then use markers to decorate the stick part.

      Hope that helps out some!

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “barbara_hrpr”



      > I know that this is a ways off. But I signed up for all the parties

      > during the school year as a helper in both boys classes. But for the

      > colton’s class I signed up to get the Halloween party together. This

      > is getting a craft, assigning duties to other moms (calling around to

      > see who will bring what for gift bags, and who can be there to help

      > out) and also an easy craft for 25 kiddos. Any help from now until

      > then is appreciated. Barb

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween Party Ideas