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      Hi all,

      Okay, thanks to the recent round of viruses–and finishing one of
      the book proposals (at last!!!!), I’m playing catch up again. I trust
      this isn’t too late since we still have two months till Halloween.

      Take what you will of my ideas below. Some will be appropriate for
      2nd graders, and some won’t be. This was just my idea a couple
      of years ago for a Halloween party when someone asked me.

      cost effective and fun. Hope you enjoy it:

      “These are all easy, and except for two of the recipes, they shouldn’t
      take more than 10 minutes of actual work to do for each. One of the
      other two should take about 30 minutes to do, and the other one…
      less than an hour.

      “Get some grey paper (maybe you can find some grey typing paper,
      for instance, but certainly construction paper would do), and do the
      outside like a tombstone, and inside, do a menu, focusing on the
      following (and don’t forget to add Eyeballs–or call this Eye of Newt–
      to the list!)…

      [Someone else suggested this next paragraph, and I just ran with
      the idea…]
      “Get some surgical gloves and fill them with grape jello for ghoulish
      hands, and set them in the fridge, holding the punch bowl. You
      could use a mixture of lime and lemon jello instead (so the green is
      lighter) to give the effect of ectoplasm…

      “Now of course your punch has to be Ghoul Blood, right? How about
      cranberry juice cocktail and ginger ale mixed (it’s good, honest)? Set
      the bowl into some dry ice for the really eerie effect surrounding the

      Of course, if you *really* want to get creative, get some more
      of those surgical gloves, and fill ONLY the fingers with a light-colored
      jello, like peach…and when they’re set, leave the jello inside the
      fingers, but paint blood red nails on the fingers. When dry, cut the
      fingers off, and put them in the punch bowl. Voila!

      Ghoul Blood with

      “Ummm…if you want to opt for some sit-down food…how about some
      nice hot Bloody Brains (spaghetti with meat sauce)? If you’re more
      into chili, serve chili *with* kidney beans, and you have Medusa’s

      “Snack food…make Quicksand Dip to go with those chips (fried
      scabs)…just a simple Sour Cream and Lipton’s Onion Soup mix…or,
      if you’d prefer, do a spinach dip with celery sticks and the thin
      straight pretzels, and you have the Swamp Special with Twigs and
      Branches. And of course, you can always crumble oreos and mix
      it with gummy bears and worms for Earth Creatures in Dirt. If you
      want, you can offer popcorn…you know, festering pimples.

      “Don’t forget about making eyeballs, always a great hit. Take lemon
      jello, and put it in a pan to set…just like you make jello, and then,
      while the jello is setting, put blueberries in every inch or so. Scoop
      out the jello with one blueberry with a melon baller, and put your
      plateful of eyeballs out on the table.

      If a little of the blueberry juice
      gets into the jello, btw, it will look like bloodshot eyes. 😉

      “Make a Cemetery Plot Cake (chocolate) and frost it with milk
      chocolate frosting, like a tombstone, with R.I.P. on it in dark chocolate.
      Put gummy worms on the cake, some partially covered with the frosting.
      The frosting, btw, is easy.

      I never measure this…about 1/3 to
      1/2 pound confectioner’s sugar mixed with 1 envelope of milk
      chocolate flavor hot chocolate mix, about 3-4 tablespoons butter
      (you’ll know when you do this) and about 2 tablespoons of milk.
      Beat the ingredients together, and you’ll have one of the best milk
      chocolate frosting recipes you’ve ever had…and I’m proud to say it’s
      my own frosting recipe that I adapted a *long* time ago when I was in
      a hurry…and I’ve been doing this ever since whenever I’ve wanted to
      use a milk chocolate frosting.


      “Oh gee, I nearly forgot! You can often find chocolate-flavored Italian
      cookies called Pizzelles at the store in the gourmet section or in the
      bakery…kind of look around… These are wonderful…absolutely
      addicting, btw…and they’re perfect if you’re interested in adding
      to your list of foods being served–Spider Webs.”

      There’s my ghoulish offering to this subject area. Hope it helps
      whomever was asking! I don’t even remember now!


      Michelle Young
      Budget101_ moderator and Ethnic Inexpensively columnist

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween Party Ideas