Halloween party ideas.

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      It gets harder and harder for the kids around here to go trick-or-treating, all
      the scary people out there. I would love to give them someplace fun and safe to
      go to.

      In our town we do “trunk or treat”. All the parents line up their cars (trunks)
      near the town hall and someone has to stay at each car. Then all the kids go
      from one car to the other.

      We’re all allowed to dress up our trunks, but no
      using candles since one child almost got burned from last years jack-o-lantern.
      she was wearing a boa and bent down to get candy. I was the one that grabbed
      her before she got burned and I raised “Holy heck” about it afterward so this
      year it’s pumkins with glow sticks or flashlights. We had the glow sticks in

      Much safer.


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