Halloween party ideas.

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      It just so happens it was a first grade Halloween party!! The kids had a blast.
      The parents thought I was “so creative”, little did they recognize how cheap i
      was! it’s usually the kids first party of the year so no matter what you do
      they have nothing to compare it to and it works out great.
      the only thing that went not as planned was that i wanted to have it outside
      with all the fall color around us, but some of the kids outfits weren’t warm
      enough for the light wind we were having that day.

      if an outdoor party is what
      you have in mind make sure you mention that in the invitation as well.
      if you were up to it, another idea is to make a pumpkin shaped cake. you make
      two bundt cakes (a pumpkin, or spice or a carrot cake for the color and flavor)
      and put one on top of the other one (the first one goes on the plate upside
      down) with the two bottoms together in the center. then you get a flat bottom
      ice cream cone and can frost that green sticking it into the cake top center.

      made this cake for an october birthday but i didn’t want to deal with frosting
      the cone so i got one of the precolored green cones you can buy at most
      supermarkets for 99 cents for a 12 pack. I tilted the cone just a bit to make
      it look more natural. After you insert the cone you frost the cakes orange.

      you frost with a downward stroke it makes more of the ribbed effect a regular
      pumpkin would have. This idea comes from a Pillsbury or Betty Crocker recipe
      book from about 1995. My opinion though is that this is more of a special
      occassion cake due to the amount of work involved in it.
      The spider web brownie was a huge hit and much faster.

      If anyone else has any idea that are cheap and easy I would appreciate someone
      sending them since I am having another one this year for second graders and they
      will all be the same kids.

      Good luck


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