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      I usually just lurk, but thought about my experiences as a “room

      mother” some 25 years ago. I was the only one to volunteer for my

      daughter’s Kindergarten class of 28 kids so I had to work extra

      hard. One of the things I remember they liked the best was a game I

      made up along the lines of the old “drop the clothespin game.”

      I took a quart size milk carton, (but a half galllon carton size or

      similar size heavier cardboard box would work well too)covered it

      with black contruction paper and used a white ink marker to put

      markings on it to look like a coffin, standing upright, not laying

      down, with the top end open. Then I cut out pieces of white paper,

      leaving on the black markings for cutting, in the shape of bones, but

      that would be able to cover a popsicle/craft stick. (The stick is

      for weight.) Glue paper bones to both sides of the stick. Make at

      least 5 but not more than 10.

      To play the game have a child kneel on a regular height chair, facing

      the back of the chair; the child takes a bone and holding it level

      with the top of the chair back, drops the bone trying to get it in

      the coffin. The one who gets most bones in the coffin wins! And the

      prize could be a gummy candy body piece No fair cheating by leaning

      way over and reaching way down the chairback. (unless of course the

      kindergarteners are very, very uncoordinated.)If you don’t want

      to use a chair, the children can also stand, but it is less of a


      As children get older you can play this same game but have the

      players blindfolded. Lots of fun. I still have my game in with my

      Halloween decorations and have played it with grandchildren visiting

      around Halloween time.

      Have Fun!!


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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween Party Ideas