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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween Party Ideas

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      I don’t know what age you’re trying to find a craft for, but this is a
      GREAT one for kids, about 3 to 6 (preschool to 1st grade). Line a
      cake pan with black paper (cut to the size… circular or whatever

      Dip a marble in white paint and put it on the paper.
      Have the child roll the marble around by moving the cake pan back and
      forth. This makes a COOL spider web. When it’s dry, you can
      put a plastic spider on it.

      Another one for kids about 4-7 (preschool to 2nd) is another spider web
      idea. Cut the inside of a paper plate out. Punch holes around
      the outside circle.

      Have the kids string the spider web by sewing a
      web through the holes and across the middle. You can attach a
      plastic spider to the web when finished.

      Good luck! I’ll try and think of some more.


      At 09:57 AM 8/10/2007, you wrote:

      I know that this is a ways off.
      But I signed up for all the parties

      during the school year as a helper in both boys classes. But for the

      colton’s class I signed up to get the Halloween party together. This

      is getting a craft, assigning duties to other moms (calling around to

      see who will bring what for gift bags, and who can be there to help

      out) and also an easy craft for 25 kiddos. Any help from now until

      then is appreciated. Barb

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween Party Ideas