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      Trying to conjure up Halloween fun for your teenagers can be challenging. Middle School students are still young enough to enjoy the fun of Trick-or-Treating, but many of them can be quite tall for their age. This may put some people off when they answer the door to find a “big kid” standing there begging for candy.

      When my kids are at that stage I host a Halloween party on Trick-or-Treat night and turn it into a scavenger hunt.
      1- Prepare a guest list with your teenager and discuss a few refreshments to serve. Involve him/her in most of the party planning, especially in the category of what the prizes should be. It is very important for “cool” prizes to be given out at the party.
      2- On your own (so your child does not know the items prior to the scavenger hunt), begin to create a list of unrelated/weird household items that your neighbors will be happy to give up.

      Suggested items may include, but are not limited to…

      Three squares of floral toilet tissue; condiment packet from a fast-food restaurant; used tea bag; a pair of underwear with lots of holes in it (freshly laundered, of course.) a really dirty toothbrush; a partially burned charcoal briquette (completely cooled) a bandage with a cartoon character on it; anything with Sponge-Bob on it; all the dust-bunnies they can spare; (The biggest collection of dust bunnies gets extra points.

      Pet hair does not count); a crispy spider carcass; a pink foam hair curler; gray beard hair from an electric razor; a spork; a Walmart receipt from last week Wednesday or Thursday; …I think you are getting the idea. Chose items that are common, with some of them being specific. Just look around your home/place of employment.

      You will come up with other ideas too. Don’t forget to add Halloween candy to the list.
      3- Next compose a short paragraph of introduction for the top of the list to introduce the group. State your name, address, and phone number which gives your neighbors a feeling of comfort and a means of reporting any misbehavior.
      4- When the guests arrive, feed them first, then send them off in equal- numbered groups with a bag and a list. Start them in different directions and on different sides of the street so they don’t all converge on the same house at once.

      Mark the time that each group leaves, and the time that they come back.
      5- The group that comes back the soonest with the most items is the winner. (Be prepared with extra prizes for all of them to win. I found my neighbors to be very accommodating during the scavenger hunts.)

      being that my kids are quite a bit older and still love th holiday – this has worked great for me!!




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      I have done a scavenger hunt with the candy inside the house with my boys when one is sick and can’t go trick or treating. Have a feeling that my 12 year old will think he is too big to trick or treat so your suggestions might help get him out of the door.

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      LOL, Yeah I know what you mean, when my youngest daugher and son turned around 12 they didnt want their friends to see them – so we would have these hunts with their friends and sometime we would go to our friends house so the kids would still get the “Kick-outta” saying trick or treat…lol I hope it helps some…I miss those ages!!!



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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween fun for teenagers