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      Why would you buy a costume the day after Halloween?

      Apparently you don’t have a creative child. I always buy Halloween costumes when they go on sale for dressup. My 8 year old recieves at least one halloween costume under the Christmas tree.

      :079: That way he can play dress-up all year round instead of just one day.

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      that is a really great idea. i never thought of that..

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      My kids keep all of their costumes and dress-up pieces in a trunk for play year-round, and I, too, have given them costumes for Christmas presents. 🙂

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      One of my sisters and I favorite past times as children was playing dress up. My grandma would take us to garage sales and buy us all kinds of “dress up clothes” old prom dresses, or dance recital costumes, someone else’s cast off halloween costume…and of course anything frilly or shiny. We always had the best time!

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      Really good idea. I have a Granddaughter who loves to dress up. I will get her one on clearance and she will get a fun Christmas gift.Thanks

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween for Christmas