Halloween Dog Costumes- do you?

Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween Dog Costumes- do you?

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      Do you dress your Dog for Halloween? I’ve been looking at various doggie “costumes” and I absolutely love this glow in the dark skele-pooch idea!

      here’s one transformed into a skunk!

      or a tiger!

      they have pet safe paint for their fur, but you’d need a really good sport to set still long enough to be painted!! once i started looking i even found a pet paint stencil kit so you could literally stencil a design on your dog, crazy!


      So, I have a Great Dane and I’m seriously thinking about turning him into Scooby Doo for Halloween so he can trick or treat with my kids.

      werewolf dog halloween props for fido
      Werewolf Dog– Halloween Props for Fido

      How to Make an Awesome Spider Costume for a Dog

      To make a really fast spider dog costume, buy a large posable spider decoration. You’ll need to pick one that suits the size of your dog, if you have a large dog like a lab or rottie, you’ll want a 5′ spider decoration.

      1. Wrap the ribbon around your dog’s waist to determine the length you’ll need. If possible, you should aim for a snug and secure fit, but not overly tight.

      2. After you find the length that works for you, you’ll have to allow for Velcro by adding a few inches. Trim the ribbon after you find the length that works for you.

      3. Slip the spider’s head through the loop in the center of the ribbon. Make sure that relatively equal lengths of ribbon remain on both sides of the spider, and secure it with a couple of tight knots in the ribbon.

      4. Velcro can be attached to each end of the ribbon to make a belt that can be fastened snugly around your dog. Velcro pieces can be attached to ribbons with knots, depending on the type you’re using. You can also use hot glue.

      5. Putting the spider on your dog’s back and wrapping the ribbon around its midsection and fastening it with Velcro is the final step. Make sure everything is secured without being too constrictive.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween Dog Costumes- do you?