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      Halloween lantern

      Lets recycle and decorate at the sametime! Save those cans and wash
      them. Take the paper off and draw a Jack-o-lantern face on them.
      Fill them with water (not to the top) and freeze.

      When frozen, go
      outside and hammer a nail all around your drawing – also put a hole at
      the top of both sides. Let the ice thaw and the can dry. Paint the
      whole thing orange.

      Then paint the face black. Add a ribbon or some
      wire through the side holes. Put a votive candle inside.

      Now you
      have a Halloween lantern.


      Blow up a balloob (round is better). Get some wall paper paste (about
      $2) and some yarn (orange, green, and white for Halloween). Lay out a
      drop cloth.

      Cover the balloon with vasaline. Also get a plastic cup
      that you don’t care about to set the balloon on. This does get messy.
      Cut a long length of yarn.

      Dip it into the paste. Wrap it around
      the balloon while making sure to over lap (cross lines). Let it dry.
      Pop the balloon and hang.

      White for a ghost – black yard for eyes
      and mouth. Orange and green for a pumpkin. They look really cool.

      Paper bag pumpkins

      Take a paper lunch bag – white looks best. Fill it with news paper.
      Paint it orange. Paint the top inc or two green. Let it dry.

      twine around the top. Now you have something for your table for both
      halloween and thanksgiving.


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      I made up some really cheap, yet creepy ghosts, when we first got together and were very poor. I still have them after 7 years and use them every year. I have about 5 of these little ghosts.

      Take 2 small white trash bags (make sure they are the tie ones) and fill one with some pillow stuffing (can be purchased by the bag at Wal-mart pretty inexpensively) and tie off (make sure the tie part is on the top when the outer layer goes on). How ever much fill you put in will be the size of your ghost. Take the second bag and put it over the filled bag. Pinch the top (holding both bags) put a dot where you want the face features.

      Take the top bag off and draw your facial features over your dots. Use a sharpie for this as it is permanent. After the facial features are on the ghost put the outer layer back over the filled beg.

      Pinch the top again (holding both bags) and loop a piece of either fishing line or thread (with a needle) through the tops of the two bags. Cut the line at the length you want it to hang and you are all set with a cute, cheap, ghost. They are very lightweight and will sway in the breeze very easily making little crinkly sounds. You can also rough up the bottoms of the ghosts if you want it to be scarier.

      I am unable to do this as kids are already too scared to come up to our front door because of my husbands costume. He has to take off the mask for smaller kids or else they will walk past our house. LOL!

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      Awesome idea!!! I am going to do that!!!

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      I’m so glad I figured out how to subscribe to this thread! I will be making these this year as well. Can’t wait til Halloween!

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween decorations