Halloween Decor: Atmosphere Ideas

Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween Decor: Atmosphere Ideas

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      :skull: Download various halloween sound effects, screams, moans, chains, etc and burn them onto an Mp3 cd. Then set your cd player to loop all the sounds.

      Blow bubbles into a bowl with a straw for the sound of ooze or a laboratory.

      :skull: Get your local teenagers to scream into a microphone.

      :skull: Create a Laser show effect by taping glow sticks to a ceiling fan turned on LOW. (May scratch the finish on your fan, *fair warning!*

      :skull: Glamorous Spiders– a really cheap idea- buy a bag of Spider rings from the dollar store, paint them with various colors of nail polish- just a bit of glam, sprinkle on some glitter if desired and scatter them around your house. Double stick tape works wonders on sticking these to walls, drapes, and the backs of unsuspecting guests.

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      I just love holidays and an excuse to be little again!:110:

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      This is my favorite holiday. We already have our home all decorated and each year I add more and more to it. Last year we had friends and family save all of their cans and we painted them black and cut little “evil” eyes into them and put them all over the lawn and through the rock wall, etc.

      It looked really creepy walking up the drive.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween Decor: Atmosphere Ideas