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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween costume

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      A few of my favorite witty costumes were some of the most simple.

      1. Take a white flat bed sheet fold in half length-wise stitch side closed
      leaving holes for arms. Cut head opening at fold. Copy/paint/draw a piece
      of music.

      Voila! “Sheet” music!

      2. One black body suit leotard/tights add felt cut out wings from arm to
      shoulder, to waist or ribs. Carry a little ding-a-ling bell.

      Poof! A
      “Ding” Bat!

      3. Grey sweat suit or what ever…stick/glue coke cups, pop corn
      bags/boxes, candy wrappers, straw wrappers, napkins etc, to the clothes.
      Instant movie theater floor!

      4. Grey sweat suit. Glue stuffing fluff all over sweat suit.

      Sew cotton
      ball tail on pants. Add rubber rabbit nose and headband rabbit ears. Dust

      5. Dark brown or black robes with a white rope belt. Large crucifix real or
      made out of cardboard and aluminum foil.

      Cow horns, rubber cow nose paint a
      Holstein white and black cow pattern on face…Holy Cow!

      6. Large cardboard box (square). Paint it white.

      Cut out 21 black
      construction circles or paint them on…dice! This is best with a
      couple…a pair of dice. (Hint: when placing dots…the opposite sides
      always add up to 7.

      6 is opposite 1, 5 opposite 2..etc.)

      I’ll think of more later I’m sure! Hope this helps!

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Halloween costume